Yavaev Rustam Tagirovich

Javaev Rustam was born on 20th May 1977 in the city of Astrakhan, Russia.
In 1997 he finished M.P. Musorgsky Astrakhan music college on speciality “Choral conducting”. In 2002 he graduated from Moscow State Pedagogic University as an opera & chamber singer. In 2005 Rustam Javaev finished
a postgraduate course of Mimonid State Classical Academy on speciality “Solo singing”, from 2004 to 2006 he had a course of training at GalinaVishnevskaya’s Centre of Opera Singing.
Rustam Yavaev began his professional career in 1992. From 1992 to 1997 he worked at the Ancient Music Collegium of Moscow Conservatory, where he participated in performances of operas and oratorias by such composers as
K. Monteverdi, I. A. Hasse, I.C. Bach, G.F. Handel, A. Scarlatti, K.V. Gluck, J.Pergolezi, F. Kavalli, J. Peri, D. Bortjansky. One of the brightest ones was opera “Chinese woman” by K.V. Gluck (the party of Lizingi), staged at The Rahmaninovsky
Hall of Moscow State Conservatory in 1998.
In 1998 Rustam was invited to the Bolshoy Theater. Since then he has been a guest soloist for several performances. Among them there is the opera-ballet «Pigmalion or Amur’s Surprisies» by J.Rameau, the role of Amur (1998);
in 2011 – the premiere of the play “Reflection” by Vivaldi music, cantata “Stabat Mater” (new stage);
in 2012 – opera “Ruslan & Ludmila” by M.I. Glinka, the role of Rutmir;
in 2015 – opera “A zori zdes’ tikhie” by K. Molchanov.

Since 1992 Rustam Yavaev has been participating in numerous plays and theatrical performances on different stages of Russia as a guest soloist:
in 1996 he debuted in the the role of Shepherd in opera Dzh. Puccini “Tosca” at the Astrakhan Musical Theatre;
in 1998 – musical drama “Angelo”, the role of Claudio;
in 1999 – musical drama “Triumph or Podshipa” (on I. Krylov fables);
in 2001 – opera “Orfei & Evredika” by K.V. Gluck, the party of Orfei, Moscow Musical Theatre “Amadei”;
in 2002 – opera “Beer & Wine Salesman from Iena” by I.N. Bach, the role by Peter (Ostankino museum);
in 2002 – monoopera “Gardener & Death” by S. Zhukov, the role of Death at Moscow House of Composers (Festival “Moscow Autumn”);
in 2005-2006 – Opera “Faust” by S. Guno, the party of Zibel, opera “Ruslan & Lyudmila” by M. Glinka, the party of Ratmir at the Galina Vishnevskaya’s Centre of Opera Singing;
in 2006 – the role of Madrian in the performance “Antoniy & Cleopatra” by V. Shakespear at the theatre “Sovremennik”;
in 2008 – musical drama “Godesses from the Car” by A. Mustukis (the 3rd International Festival “Territory – 2008”);
in 2011 – opera “Garland or Magic Flowers” by G.F. Pamo, the role of Mirtila at the Chamber Hall of Moscow State Philarmony;
in 2013 – opera “Admet” by G. Handle, the role of Admet in Princes Trubetskoys’ Palace;
in 2014 – opera “Orfeo & Euridice” by K. Gluk, the role of Orfeo, cantata “Carmina Burana” by K. Orph at the Big Concert Hall;
in 2014 – cantata “Doctor Faust” by Shnitke, the role of Mephistophel at the Big Concert Hall.
Since 2010 Rustam Yavaev has worked as a soloist of Mosconcert. He has an active concert activity in Russia and abroad. He represents the music by
Russian and foreign composers of the 20th, 21st centuries such as S. Zhukov, A. Manotskov, Y. Sudzilovskiy, E. Denisov. B. Britten and others.
In 2000 – the winner of the All-Russian Student Contest in Ekaterinburg (1 prize).
In 2001 he was awarded the diploma of « Bella voce» contest in Moscow.
In 2002 he became the winner of the International Contest of XXth century music in Saint-Petersburg (2 prize).
In 2004 he became the winner of the All-Russian Contest in Kostroma, Russia (1 prize).
In 2005 he became the winner of the Ilham Shakirov International Contest in Kazan, Russia.
In 2006 he became the winner of the International Contest «The Amber nightingale» in Kaliningrad, Russia (3 prize).

2014 – International medal “For Contribution to Developement of Musical Art”;
2014 – medal “For Distinguished Labour”;
2015 – Russian medal “For Contribution to Developement of Musical Art”;
2015 – medal “For Contribution to Preparation of Celebrating 70th Anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War”.

Opera parties:

In 1996 Rustam Yavaev debuted in opera Dzh. Puccini “Tosca” – the party of the herdsman
(the first opera party) at the Astrakhan Musical theatre

In 1998 - Opera “Chinese woman”, K.V. Gluck, the first execution of the party of Lizingi
was 04.06.1998, The Moscow State Conservatory, Rahmaninovsky Hall

In 1998 – Opera – ballet “Pygmalion, or Surprises of the Cupid”, J. Rameau,
the party of the Cupid in the Bolshoy Academicheskiy Theatre (the first execution in Russia,
the director N. Kajdanovskaya)

In 2001 - Opera “ Orfej and Evredika”, K.V. Gluck, the party of Orfej, the theatre “Amadej”

In 2005-2006 – Opera “Faust”, S. Guno, the party of Zibel, opera “Ruslan and Lyudmila”,
M.I. Glinka, the party of Ratmir, the Galina Vishnevskaya’s Center of Opera Singing

In 2006 – the role of Madrian in the performance in the theatre “Sovremennik”, V. Shekspire
“Antony and Kleopatra”, the director Kirill Serebryannikov, the author of the music –
Alexander Manotskov.
The main roles: Chulpan Hamatova, Sergey Shakurov, Artur Smoljaninov and others.


Nina Vasilevna Kobtseva – the solo singing’s teacher in the Astrakhan music school
named after M.P. Musogsky
Maria Andreevna Ganeshina – the senior lecturer of solo singing in musical faculty, MPGU
Georgiy Ivanovich Urbanovich – the professor of solo singing in musical faculty,
MPGU, MGK named after P.I. Chaikovsky and the State Classical Academy named after
Maymonid (postgraduate study)
Alla S. Belousova – the professor of solo singing in the Institute named after Shnitke
and the Galina Vishnevskaya’s Center of Opera Singing

The master-classes and consultations with famous singers and teachers:

1. Irina Konstantinovna Arhipova (Russia)
2. Zara Aleksandrovna Doluhanova (Armenia)
3. Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya (Russia)
4. Rautio Nina Valentinovna (USA)
5. Araksija Davtjan (Armenia)
6. Iohan Kavalsky (Germany)
7. Vaja Nikolaevich Chachava (Russia)
8. Michael Paul (USA)
9. Mati Palm (Estonia)
10. Michael Elliasen (USA)
11. Inesa Galant (Latvia)
12. Emili Olin (USA)
13. Vladimir Petrovich Morozov (Russia)
14. Mona Yulsryud (Norway)
15. Galina Alekseevna Pisarenko (Russia)

The master-classes of the Tatar executors

1. Ilham Shakirov
2. Hajdar Begichev
3. Nazhija Terkulova
4. Venus Ganeeva
5. Zilya Sungatullina

Work with conductors

Oleg Chernyshov, Oleg Khudyakov, Alexander Hurgin, Olga Ljakina, Nazar Kojuhar,
Anatoliy Gridenko, Eva Mynbaeva, Alexey Semenov, Alexey Rudin, Vladlmir Ponkin,
Andris Vejsmanis (Latvia), Hans Knut (Norway)

Work with singers

Araksija Davtjan (Armenia), Ekaterina Kichigina (Russia), Yana Ivanilova (Russia),
Marat Galiahmetov (Russia), Maria Arija (Russia), Andrew Goodwin ( Australia),
Alisa Zinoveva (Latvia), Marina Rebeka (Latvia), Tobias Sharfenberger (Germany)

Work with counter-tenor

Eric Kurmangaliev, Oleg Rjabets, Sergey Egers, Iohan Kavalsky, Yaroslav Zdorov,
Oleg Bizinskih, Evgenie Zhuravkin, Yury Borisov, Bryan Azava, Charles Hamfriz


Repertoire of Yavaev R.T.

I.S. Bach

Three arias from B minor mess
Three arias from Magnifikat
Alto aria from Easter oratorio
Two alto arias from St John Passion
Aria from the cantata No 82
G.F. Gendel
Arias from operas: Xerx
Juliua Caesar
I. Gaydn
Alto aria from Stabat Mater

A. Varlamov


M.I. Glinka

Vanya’s song and aria from Ivan Susanin opera
Ratmir’s aria and romance from Ruslan & Ludmila opera
Romances: “Blue dormants”
“Romance of chivalry”
“I’m here, Inesilia”
“To her”

A. Vivaldi

Stabat Mater cantata (cycle)
Aria from Bayazet opera
Aria from Justino opera
Gloria cantate – arias and duets
Stabat Mater cantata – arias and duets

J. Verdi


F. Mendelson-Bartoldi

Arias from oratorios “Paul” and “Ilia”

W.A. Mozart

Recitative and rondo from “Arzache” opera KV 255
Two Cerubino’s arias from the opera “Marriage of Figaro”

N. Vaccai

Scene and aria of Romeo from “Romeo and Juliet” opera

“Vitoria, vitoria”

J. Rossini

Tankred’s cavatina from “Tankred” opera
Two arias of Arzache from “Semiramida” opera
“Prayer” from “Corinth’s Siege” opera
Malcolm’s aria from “Virgin from the Lake” opera
Aria from “Small Solemn Mass”

J. Brahms

Three songs from the opus 105
Five songs from the opus 103
Four chaste melodies from the opus 123

G. Gounod

Ziebel’s stanzas and romance from “Faust” opera
Saffo’s stanzas from “Saffo” opera

R. Wagner

Five runes on the base of Matilda Wezendong’s poems

B. Britten

Oberon’s aria from “Midsummer Night’s Dream” opera

M. Mussorgsky

Fedor’s song from “Boris Godunov” opera
“Without sun” (cycle)

M. Balakirev

“Selim’s songs”
“The Eastland is covered with scarlet dawn”
“Above the lake”

M. Bruh

“Ave, Maria”

F. Rossi

Aria from “Mitrana” opera

A. Sheinberg

Romance “Abandoned”

G. Maler

“Seven songs of past years”, words of Ruckert
“Songs about dead children”, words of Ruckert

P.I. Tchaikovsky

Two Warrior’s ariosos from “Moscow” cantata
Basmanov’s arioso from “Oprichnik” opera
Romances: “Why”
“We were sitting together”
“Is the day reigning”
Six duets opus 46
Romances opus 65

N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov

Three Lel’s songs from “The Snow Maiden” opera
Romance “What about in the quiet of the night”

F. Schubert

“You are my peace”
“Ave, Maria”

C. Kuy

“Exhausted by grief”

S. Rahmaninov

“Oh no, I beg you not to go”
“Yesterday we met”
“I’m waiting for you”
“I’m suing for mercy”
“Don’t believe me, my friend”

R. Shchedrin

Plyushkin’s cavatina from “Dead Souls” opera (scene with Chichikov)

Chamber repertoire of Russian
and foreign composers

1.M.I. Glinka, M. Balakirev, P.I. Tchaikovsky, M.P. Mussorgsky, S. Rahmaninov, S. Taneev,
C. Kyu, N. Myaskovsky, E. Denisov, N. Metner, S. Stravinsky, D. Shostakovich,
B. Tchaikovsky, S. Jukov.
2.R. Wagner, F. List, H. Wolf, J. Brahms, G. Maler, M. Ravel, C. Debussy, F. Schubert,
P. Hindemith, A. Oneger.


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